Black History Month Art Pieces: – Anonymous

Since I am new to the school newspaper, I decided to start with making art pieces. I have always adored making art and for it to be in the newspaper would be a great opportunity! I feel like it is important to understand what racism does to people and it needs to be told to others,  even if it’s through a newspaper. Please enjoy!

Piece 1: Scratches

Each cut represents racism trying to cut away at the people’s freedom. The grey background helps tie the piece together and makes the eyes and mouth stand out.

Piece 1 was made with washi tape, watercolour, and a box cutter. I used the colours blue to represent freedom while red was used to represent oppression. I shaped it into a mouth and eye to show how people are silenced and racism can often go unnoticed. I also used a box cutter to cut lines into the background and used a black pen to make the bigger cuts stand out. 

Piece 2: All eyes on me

I repeatedly used eyes to represent how often people overlook the fact others are forced to be quiet about racism etc. and even if they try to speak out they will be silenced again.

I used pen and watercolour to create Piece 2. The splatter of red can be interpreted as people witnessing racism whilst choosing to ignore it. Moreover, it can also shed light on someone who had witnessed racism but was forced to stay quiet about it. The different layers of colours in the background can signify how some cases are more intense than other cases.



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