Breast Cancer Awareness Month: A Charity Committee Initiative

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the Charity Committee is hoping that KIS can raise funds to donate to the local charity, ‘The Breast Cancer Foundation’. Such funds can lead to earlier detection of breast cancer (which is associated with higher long-term survival rates), access to treatment and scans for those who cannot afford it and help to cope with the costs associated with cancer treatment.

Pink Ribbon

If you see someone wearing a pink ribbon, especially during October, it is a symbol of breast cancer awareness. Pink ribbons are sometimes sold for fundraising, much like poppies on Remembrance Day. The charity committee will be selling badges featuring the well-known ribbon.

Pink ribbons encourage individuals to focus on the ultimate vision of a cure for breast cancer, rather than the reality that there is no certain cure for breast cancer, and no guarantee there will ever be such a cure. Breast cancer advocacy uses the pink ribbon and the color pink as a concept brand to raise money and increase screening.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Each year, the month of October is recognised as Breast Cancer Awareness Month by many governments, the media, and cancer survivors. The month-long campaign, called Pinktober BCAM (Breast Cancer Industry Month), was started in 1985 by the American Cancer Society and pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca. The organization that runs the official BCAM aims to promote mammography and other forms of early detection as the most effective means of fighting breast cancer.

Typical BCAM events include fundraising-based foot races, walk-a-thons, and bicycle rides.Various landmarks are illuminated in pink lights as a visible reminder of breast cancer. Public events, such as American football games, may use pink equipment or supplies.

Some companies may organise a “pink day”, in which employees wear pink clothes in support of breast cancer patients. (Our school also does this too). 

Male Breast Cancer Awareness

Many people might not know this but males also can get breast cancer. Male Breast Cancer Awareness Week raises awareness for the men who have and have had breast cancer. Most of the events are the same and do not highlight men, but it is not only a disease that affects women. 

Keep your eyes peeled: the charity will be selling badges featuring the familiar pink ribbon to raise money for the Breast Cancer Foundation, Sabah. Every donation helps!

By Sophie Gervasi; edited by Gemma Milligan



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