Hot Seat: Mr Shaw

Interview with Mr Shaw, Y5K Teacher

1. How do you feel about teaching students online?

Mr. Shaw: I enjoy seeing you all online and spending time together because some schools do not spend much time each day online with their students. So I enjoy the online interaction but I am definitely ready to go back to school and have our lessons together!

2. Do you wish you could go back to teaching students in physical school?

Mr. Shaw: Yes, I wish we could be back in the school building and teaching physically. I want to meet you all in person and I think that school is best when we are all together.

3. Is it hard to teach students online or set homework for them?

Mr. Shaw: It is definitely more difficult teaching online. We can’t complete group work or have students work together as easily and that is some of my favourite learning when it is student-led! It also takes me much longer to set your work, plus we have to do more worksheets than we usually would.

4. What is the worst thing about online teaching?

Mr Shaw: The worst thing about online teaching is probably having to talk so much! I think I talk a lot more online than I would in the classroom. I am working on it though! Online learning also means that I am stuck sitting down all day in front of the computer. 

5. Would you like to spent\d the rest of Year 5 in school? 

Mr. Shaw: I hope we get to school as soon as possible and then I hope we stay there for the rest of Year 5.

6. Have you ever wished that COVID – 19 was not a thing?

Mr. Shaw: I’ve definitely had moments where I wished COVID wasn’t a thing but I have also learned lots of new skills because of it and technology has had to get better so there are some positives. I have also learned how resilient we can all be and how well students, teachers, and parents have adapted to change so it hasn’t been all bad. I do wish it would just end now though!

By Ashyln Chong and Kayla Khoh



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