Weekly Physical Challenges

The KIS Olympics are the series of PE challenges that are posted on the house website that Mr. Bromley created. Several exercises will be posted there. I would advise that you have it bookmarked. To make sure you have the website I will put it here: https://sites.google.com/kis.edu.my/kishouse/home.

On the side dashboard, you will see a few headings to get the PE challenges. You have to click the panel that says “Physical Challenge” The most recent post will be at the top and the other posts will be ordered accordingly below. I hope you all will take part in the challenges and activities and remember you can earn points for your house! 

Here are some highlights from recent weeks…

Writer- Shreedevi Ramanathan

Video Editors- Eloise Audy, Roshween Riar, Delia Dumpangol



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