Adopt a Float: Update

Written by Vadim Audy

A few weeks ago, the Adopt-A-Float project was introduced to the school, creating excitement among students and teachers. A naming competition was held to promote it and involve the whole community in it, and I am more than happy to say that there were many responses. Despite a few of them not being serious, others stood out from the rest as they were original with a real meaning behind it. It seems like we are all looking forward to seeing a piece of the school roaming in an ocean far away!

Mr. Gross and Mrs. Renshaw enjoyed reading through these submissions, and are currently working on a special way to unveil the winner. All I can say is that it looks really impressive, so keep your eyes peeled: something big is coming!

For more information on the program you can visit these links:

Presentation PowerPoint:

Official Website:



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