Guide : Back to School Essentials

As we know, on November 22nd, we are all going back to school and many of you will be very excited to return! However, most of you coming back have not been in school for months, therefore you are bound to have some worries. This is completely understandable but do not fret, it may not be as serious as it seems. 

On the first day back, standing in front of the school gates for the first time in ages may seem terrifying. While some of you might find it exciting to be reuniting with your friends in real life, others may find it nerve-wracking having to mix around with the rest of the class – and that’s okay. It is perfectly normal to feel nervous at these times. We have not seen our beloved friends for CENTURIES! There’s no doubt that socializing in real life is a whole world different from texting online; you won’t have that short moment to think about what to say before pressing send or that mute button in video calls. If it makes you feel better, your friends probably are nervous too! For the first few days, you may have a few awkward moments, but you’ll come to realise it’s not too different. Although the form of communication has changed, your friends are still the same people you have talked to for the past month or more. 

If you are a new student, don’t worry! KIS is a loving community filled with thoughtful and unique students. Not only that, we are a small community and always willing to make new friends. Therefore, sparking new friendships or strengthening your current ones should be a piece of cake! 

Besides that, I’m worried about all the walking we’ll have to do! Compared to sitting down in our chair all-day, we’ll be walking up the stairs and back down, going from one class to another class. That’s quite a workout if you ask me; I’ll definitely get tired after the first few classes. However, like everything, I’m sure we will eventually get used to walking.

All in all, our worries will be something we will go through together in school. After a few days back, they will be gone like dust. If you have other worries, do not keep them to yourself and talk to your friends or family. You’ll be able to get another person’s point of view and help you see things that you may have overlooked. Anyways, prepare yourself and let’s meet in school!

Written by Sophie and Harriz



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