Pink Ribbon – Breast Cancer Awareness

The pink ribbon is an international symbol for breast cancer awareness.  October is the pink ribbon month. In this month, people worldwide would do annual events to raise funds, but most importantly to raise awareness. They have successfully got the attention of people and people are now going on annual checkups so that they can get early treatment if they have cancer and it wouldn’t get worse. The pink ribbon is worn on Pink day and is worn in support of breast cancer. Pink ribbons were inspired by Charlotte Haley, a woman who survived breast cancer. The Pink Ribbon is given to all the survivors of breast cancer and supporters. 

In October, our school charity committee was raising funds to support a local charity in Sabah, Kinabalu Pink Ribbon. The school community has successfully raised RM2,112 by selling badges to spread awareness about breast cancer. Kinabalu Pink Ribbon is a Non-profit voluntary organisation that was founded in 2010. The group is dedicated to women with breast cancer. The members of this group comprise volunteers, breast cancer survivors and some of their family members. Their aim is to support breast cancer survivors by organising different activities throughout the year. By doing this, the breast cancer survivors would share their recovery journey with others in their group. This is actually a great way to bring positive thinking and this would help them face the obstacles with positive minds. 

Today, many people around the world are alerted to breast cancer and we believe that this would give hope for others to support and help in raising awareness of what these survivors go through. 

By: Fion



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