Book Recommendations : The Binding

Written by Shreedevi

Hello citizens of KIS, this is an article focussed on book recommendations. So bookworms and booklovers this article is just for you! My first victim is the mentor for the student newspaper team… Ms Milligan. Let’s get started!

What book would you recommend?

“A book I read when I was in lockdown in the UK, was called “The Binding” by Bridget Collins  and it’s set in an alternate universe. It is a sort of fantasy genre; it really swept me away. It was the exact kind of novel that I needed at that time. You know that kind of escapism that sometimes you just need to let yourself dissolve into and let all the problems of real life just melt away? So. it’s a wonderful book for that; if you’re just craving some escapism, ‘The Binding’ is your best friend.

How did you get to know this book?

What happened was I was living with one of my best friends in London. She had been reading it and when she was reading it I was reading a different novel and when I was reading my book she would come through every few chapters and be like “Oh My Goodness! Something crazy has just happened, but I can’t tell because that would be a spoiler!” So, she was getting so excited about this book and wanted me to read it so she could talk to me about it. She’s also an English teacher so it makes sense that we were excited. So, it was actually through her that I borrowed her book.

What else do you know about this book?

So… I think there’s something for everyone in this book. You know, there is an element of adventure and escapism like I said, but there is also humility- like human frailty and weakness and there’s a bit of romance there as well. It’s that wonderful combination of so many different components and it just comes together beautifully.

So what age would you direct this book to?

With the Binding I would say 11 or 12  plus? I don’t think it contains any problematic themes and it’s not a super difficult read. The starting is a bit slow- describing the setting and all that- but mainly it’s about this guy who is suffering from nightmares and goes to work for a binder. At the time you won’t know what a binder is and then you find out that it’s someone who records   memories, and once recorded you  lose those memories. It can get rid of painful memories, however, in  the world of the novel it helps to explore what could go wrong, like what happens if someone else finds your book and discovers a secret about you that you don’t even know..  It’s a really fun and intriguing book.

Would you want to be the main character? Do you think it has some sort of link to what we’re experiencing right now?

That’s a really good question… I feel like in some ways the book does obtain some essence of what we’re going through right now- like the struggles the main character goes through. The main character’s name is Emmett Farmer and he sort of becomes an everyman character, like you almost see him in yourself and think like “yeah, I can relate with that.” Like, life seems so difficult but at the same time there are many wonderful moments and things in life. So for sure, I guess it also makes you appreciate the small things, and there’s a real sense of inclusivity. So that’s something that I love about this book.

How much would you rate this book, out of five stars?

I would give it 5. And I would rarely say that but for me that’s how good it is. 

Thank you all for reading this and I will see you soon with the next victim! Have a good day! Bye!

The Binding by Bridget Collins



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