What Christmas Means To Me

Written by Ashlyn Chong

Edited by Jessmine

Every year, on December 25th, families and friends gather around and spend time together under one roof. This joyous day, Christmas, is a holiday that brings happiness to people all around the world. It is an important celebration that reminds the world to spread kindness and gratitude, be it by giving presents, staying with family, or singing Christmas carols. On the other hand, many simply use it as an excuse to meet up with loved-ones! As you can see, everyone celebrates Christmas differently from each other.

In general, people typically place Christmas trees in their living room, decorating them with baubles and ornaments. Often, these trees are also wrapped with colourful lights. As tradition, a yellow star or even an angel is placed on top of the tree, which, to Christians, signifies the birth of Christ. Let’s not forget the main star, presents! On Christmas day, families get together and gather around the tree, opening and giving out presents to each other. Sometimes, they even play games and eat special meals, such as turkey or roast beef.

In my household, my family and I tend to celebrate Christmas outside. Usually, my grandmother would come over and spend time with us. We’d sometimes simply stay home and celebrate a simple Christmas. In order for me to buy presents, I’d have to do chores beforehand and save up money. These chores usually include washing dishes and walking the dogs. My presents are always wrapped to make it a surprise when we all come together and open them. Last year,my family and I tried to make a gingerbread house! But as you can see on the picture, it wasn’t so successful.



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