Christmas Present Ideas

Byline: Written By Wilber Wong and Writers of KIS Today

Edited by Trinity Hwong

Hello everybody!

Christmas is coming up, and sometimes it will be hard to think of a gift for some people, regardless of how close you are to that person. If that someone turns out to be a student of this school, then you’re in luck! This article contains some ideas for Christmas presents that each current contributor of the Student Newspaper wish to have, or think are suitable for such an occasion. There will be a paragraph for each idea, so there will be good reasons to give it, along with the intended audience and cost! Of course, the suggestions may not fit your specific situation, but it may expand your vision on what can become a possible present!


Cost: £££

Audience: Teenagers/Adults, Gamers


This is an offline game that includes land vehicles, props and soft-body physics. Although this game is in early access, it already has a lot of entertaining features to keep you playing for a long time! These include AI, mods by the community and most importantly, realistic handling and physics. Most of my time was spent crashing vehicles because of this, and seeing what forces would be produced from certain collisions.

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Cuppe, Keep Cup:

Cost: £

Audience: Parents, Coffee Lovers


This is a reusable, handcrafted glass cup. It is made of premium borosilicate glass that makes it more durable and resistant to thermal shock. Borosilicate glass is chemically unreactive and it will not impart flavors or leach chemicals into your beverage. Additionally, the lid is designed to be leak proof and can be used with or without a straw. The packaging is minimal with recyclable paper wrapping to minimize environmental footprint.

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Books, Books and Books:

Cost: ££

Audience: Readers, All Ages

Our team just cannot get enough books! Three of our writers suggested books, ranging from mystery, fantasy and horror. Two suggested famous franchises, being Harry Potter and Sherlock Holmes, while another wanted a new addition to an example, being A Tale of Sorcery. We definitely have a diverse range of students in school. If cost is a problem, why not borrow some books from the library?

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Football Jersey:

Cost: £-£££

Audience: Football Fans, All Ages

Who doesn’t like representing their team with a t-shirt? This will be the perfect gift for a passionate football fan, but to avoid any awkwardness, make sure to get the team right!

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Well, those were some useful ideas! On behalf of KIS Today, I hope this article fits your purposes, and that each writer and every one of our dear readers have a great break!

Happy Holidays!

Wilber Wong



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