Short Story Competition Winner : ‘Uncanny’ by Pik Ern Tong

Irritated at the outcome of the unwholesome stale round cake, I flopped onto the chair feeling dog-tired at
the number of times I had attempted to make a single cake. I stood up and decided to rummage through
the scungy cabinet hoping to at least find the perfect recipe to satisfy myself. Like a scalded cat, I searched
through hundreds of yellow tattered papers hoping to find the exact recipe I desired. I did not read it
properly; instead, I skimmed through the yellowish ancient papers. Suddenly, something caught my eye. A
classy pearl-grey paper stuck out from the pile of the crumpled recipes. It was stood out among the papers
that were as ancient as the Egyptians papyrus. I reached for it and read it thoroughly. My eyes lit with
delight. This was exactly what I was looking for. The perfect recipe for the perfect cake. However, I am still
unsure whether this can still be baked as it is an antiquated piece of recipe. Thinking deeply, I come to an
agreement. I’ve decided to go for it. A grin like a Cheshire cat spread across my face. This is the one.
Reality hits me. I stared at the paper. The eleventh ingredient. It was described as a silvery bloodless
substance. I stared at it in confusion. ‘What is this? Could it be a liquid or a solid?’ I interrogated myself.
Burning with curiosity, I plan on searching for this mystifying ingredient. ‘Hmmm… Where can I find this
ingredient?’ I thought to myself. Hindered by continuous questions, I depart from my shack to find this one
particular ingredient. I’ve decided to name it ‘Bloodsil’.
Arriving at Iorreovion, I peered at each outlet to hunt down the prey that I was hungry for. As hungry as a
hyena, I marked down the first outlet I see. Aegis. That’s the one. ‘Perfect…’ I pondered cunningly. Oveus
was the owner of Aegis. Quick-witted and percipient he is. Never could understand a soul of him. I stride in
to see my fellow enchanter snoring like a pig. “Hey, Oveus! Where can I find the Exieve?”I questioned.
Startled, he replied quickly “Oh…It’s…It’s in Coveraine Heights. One of the most admirably wooded northern
hills”. Dashing out of the store, I set off on my journey to find this eldritch Bloodsil.
In front of me, Coveraine Heights. Passing cautiously through the eternally moonlit forest, ahead of me is
the Exieve. Walking towards it, I look inside the Exieve to see a reflection of myself. I beseeched “Where is
the Bloodsil?” The Exieve swirled. “Come closer,” it hissed faintly, beckoning me forward. Persuaded
easily, I advanced nearer. Just then a pair of slimy hands grabbed me and pulled me in leniently. Wailing
on top of my lungs, I found myself in darkness. Where am I? Is this where…



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