Book report: ‘Slime’, by David Walliams

Written by Madison Luping-Cowan

Edited by Jessmine Tay

Slime, it is a beautiful creation. Yet, the fact that it gets everywhere seems to annoy grown-ups so much! But, where has this substance come from? The truth is that slime was created on the Isle of Mulch, which is situated between the islands of Twaddle and Stench.

Meet Ned, a boy in a wheelchair living on the Isle of Mulch, a place where being a child isn’t a whole lot of fun. That is because the place is owned by Ned’s Aunt, Greta Greed, who owns over 100 cats, all called Tiddles. 

She allows the grownups of the Isle of Mulch to do horrid deeds to children. Sir Walter Wrath, the horrendous headmaster, is allowed to expel children from his school for the mere pleasure of it. Edmond and Edmund Envy, whose names are so similar even they get it mixed up, are allowed to bully the children that come to their toyshop. Madam Solenzio Sloth is the piano teacher, but is so lazy she can’t be bothered to teach the children anything. She snoozes the whole lesson and children aren’t allowed to say anything. Glen and Glenda Glutton, the ice-cream sellers, are able to steal children’s pocket money while they are trying to order an ice-cream. They drive off without even giving them the ice-cream! The park-keeper, Captain Pride, doesn’t allow anyone into the public park for fear that they’ll trample all over his precious grass.

But there is a treacherous child as well, Ned’s older sister, Jemima, who has a habit of playing terrible tricks on her little brother. She likes swapping toothpaste for glue so that his teeth stick together! However, one day, she goes too far, and ruins bathtime. FOREVER. Before Ned’s birthday treat, which is the ONE bath he gets in a year, Jemima has planned something awful! Something atrocious. It makes you want to squirm with terror! She has collected…GUNK! And by gunk, I mean hundreds and hundreds of jars, filled with gruesome gunk! That yellow stuff ladybugs leave on your finger! Off custard! Furballs! Gerbil wee! You name it! Her plan is to add

them into the bottom of her unsuspecting brother’s bath, covered up with bubbles and then, as he steps in, EUGH!

But Ned is onto Jemima’s plan, and decides to turn the tables on her! He empties the gunk into her bath, but as he empties the last jar, something arises from the bath. Something huge! Something gross! Something alive! Something SLIMY! But can Ned and the slime save the poor children of the Isle of Mulch, from the ghastly grownups!? There’s only one way to find out!

What I liked about this book was how funny it was! There’s always something to laugh about while reading it. I really enjoyed the plot and how just generally strange in an incredible way it is written. What I definitely liked the most was just this crazy and outrageously funny personality of Slime, who is definitely my favourite character! The excitement in the book was undoubtedly great! I hope you enjoy the hilarious ‘Slime’ by David Walliams just as much as I did.



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