How to take a nice walk

Have you thought about a hobby, which will not cost anything, or doesn’t require a screen to look at? Taking a walk is one that I can strongly suggest to you. 

History of taking a walk

At this point, curiosity goes through our mind. When did we start to walk? When did humans start to take a calm walk in the park and recognise it was essential for us? Surprisingly, taking a walk wasn’t found that straightforward. Looking back to our history, the concept of ‘park’ was first built in the medieval ages. English deer parks were used for game hunting and other dynamic leisure purposes. Then, in the 16th century, these game parks were transformed into landscape parks, which settled around houses and mansions. Opportunities for taking a walk were opened by the creation of urban parks around Europe and the United States to keep pasture lands secured inside the villages and towns. 

National take a walk in the park day

Every 30th of March we have a national holiday called ‘take a walk in the park’ day. ‘Take a walk in the park’ day was founded to reconnect people tired of staring at the screen, tired from work or study, with mother nature. This holiday allows all of us to invest in our health without spending any money. You want to celebrate national ‘take a walk in the park’ day? There’s nothing difficult!

First, Go for a long walk. 
Time to use your muscles! Wear your most comfortable shoes and clothes, and go for a nice walk around your local park.

Second, Ask a friend to walk with you.
There is no better way to go for a stroll than with your loved one! Encourage a family member or a friend to accompany you for a walk on this day.

Third, Enjoy, and share it on social media.
Film, or take a picture of yourself going for a walk with your mates. You can record your experience and even share your positive actions to other people around the world on social media. What a nice walk!

Why is taking a walk very important in our life?

In the past, people have mostly lived outdoors, in forests and jungles. Now, the times have changed and it will keep on changing, so parks will always be a kind of antidote to our crowded lives. We should think about ways to refresh our days and consider parks as lifesavers. They are blessings of nature to be enjoyed by the whole community.

“An early-morning walk is a blessing for the whole day.”

― Henry David Thoreau

As he said, we are all familiar with the numerous benefits of walking. Moreover, It also has many therapeutic effects on our health. According to new research, individuals who regularly visit parks are reported to have better mental and physical health. There were also some studies that proved that people living near parks got along better with different people. Not only that, researchers found that people living in apartment buildings with views of trees were less aggressive as compared to those living in concrete buildings with no views to look at. We all live in tighter spaces, which makes it hard to interact with nature. Then, what we should do is make the chance to connect with nature ourselves

Having a routine of taking a walk is never a bad thing. It will teach you how to cope with stress and anxiety during the exam week, rather than any other incentive indoor activities. Why don’t you try out right now? Grab your exercise kit and if possible, your friend -but not too aggressively- and go for a nice walk in the park! 



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