New Circuit Makers In Y6!

Written by: Oliver C. Fletcher (6S), Edited by: Sophie Gervasi.

Students in year 6 have had their learning spark to life in circuit making as they have now been learning circuits in their lessons and now they are all on their way to more exciting electronics. Not only did sparks happen in their curious minds, but a group created real life sparks from overpowering a motor! One of the members told me “I shall never forget those sparks that appeared. It was scary, it really was, but wicked at the same time!” Another discovery occurred when a group learned to make Morse code out of a circuit containing a battery, button and buzzer. It truly was amazing when I got to hear it myself. 

A pair of students experimenting with electronics.

Just imagine what these students could do with the knowledge they have now with fire and Morse code. What could they do? What would they make? Will your next TV be made by one of these students? I don’t know. Who knows what will happen when these students get to roam free.



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