Important Announcements for KS1 and KS2!

Written By Oliver Fletcher, Kayla Khoh, Jihyuk (Adithya) Kim

Edited By Eloise Audy, Chloe Foong

Year 6 Announcements:

Ms. Hitchen has announced that all of Year 6 must now put on a clown costume and have a squeaky, red clown nose for the rest of Term 2. An added bonus is that the third period will be replaced with a ‘joke-athon’ and see who makes the most people laugh! Year 6 must also spend PE learning how to go on a tight-rope.

Year 5 Announcements:

Mr. Gross has announced that Year 5 have to roll around the school instead of walking. If they don’t, they will have detention for the rest of the year. Year 5 students also need to bring their favourite doll to school. In PE lessons, Year 5 students have to learn how to backflip, somersault 3 times in a row and do a triple backflip. Parents will also have to sign consent forms every time Year 5 is doing their PE lessons. Just in case of an emergency, Year 5 have to hold a clown nose for many reasons.

Year 4 Announcements:

Mr. Gross and the KIS Leadership have announced that Year 4 must now spend all day painting words instead of writing them. They also agreed with Ms. Hitchen that they will all start their holidays after an extra week in school. During that extra week, they will be doing an extra topic along with more maths work.

Year 3 Announcements:

Ms. Hitchen has announced that all Year 3 students need to know how to hack into The Pentagon when doing maths lessons. Year 3 students will also need to practice eating one whole pizza in one mouthful and a burger in one go. Year 3 students will also not have any holidays for no specific reason.

Year 2 Announcements:

Mr. Gross has requested that all of Year 2 must read and write hieroglyphs for all of their work. They must also design a poster to put up on the school gate that says “KIS Translates Everything” written in hieroglyphics.

Year 1 Announcements:

Year 1 is starting a new topic: Australian Animals. An Australian animal of choice will be imported to KIS. All parents must sign a form informing if their child has any allergies, had any bad experiences with the chosen animal, etc.




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