Teachers’ Appreciation Week: Secondary

This week is teachers’ appreciation week. Last week, I went around the school collecting nice comments about the teachers. Here are some of the comments said about the teachers from the students.

“Mr Bromley makes funny jokes (the bat butt.)” 

“Mr Gant has great slides.”

“Ms Milligan always gives us good comments on our work.”

“Mr Bryant, thanks for teaching 3 classes and as a form tutor.” – Ruth

“Mr Gant is very interesting.”

“Mr Davies is a gangster.” 

“Mr Davies makes the lessons fun.”

“Ms Milligan is very fun” – Melanie

“Ms Haji is the best at teaching Math.”

“Every teacher is cool.” 

“Mr Gant gives good comments and teaches well”  – Amanda 

“Cikgu Indah is very kind and funny… (and a little bit fierce)”

“Ms Li makes the lesson fun.”

“Ms Service is fun.”

“Ms Service is very funny.”

“Mr Gant makes the lessons enjoyable.” – Amanda

“Mr Davis teaches very well” – Amanda

“Ms Syifa makes ICT fun and exciting, allowing us to understand the subject so much easier.”

“Ms Colley is kind and caring.”

“Ms Dobbs makes Math entertaining and enjoyable, she boosts my energy every time I enter the math room.”

“Although my form class is on the 3rd floor with Mr Watson, he makes form time cheerful; allowing us to talk with each other. In addition, he cracks jokes often during PSHE and is cool about everything.” 

“Ms Milligan is a fun teacher and always gives me ideas for me to put in my writing.” 

These are some of the quotes given by the students, some have remained anonymous but we just want to give a big thank you to all the teachers for their hard work for teaching us all and making lessons enjoyable and fun in their own ways. 

-Responses collated by Chloe Foong and Pik Ern Tong



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