An Interview with Julia and Tiggi Year 9

Interview by Serene Chia

Q1: What got you into diving? 

Julia: I’ve been diving since I was 8, and have never stopped since because the underwater world is beautiful.

Tiggi: I got old enough to go diving on my birthday, and diving is my favorite thing to do because I can help sharks and turtles.

Q2: If you both were told to quit diving, how would you feel? 

Julia: I’d do freediving instead.

Tiggi: I would be devastated because diving is my favorite thing, and it helps me think.

Serene: Ok, I’ll ask you both two questions about yourselves. Who wants to go first?

Julia: Me

Serene: Ok! Julia, I know you do karate, just like me. So I’ll ask you about that.

Q1J: Who was your coach?

Julia: Sensei Lorant.

Q2J: What belt did you get to?

Julia: Black belt.

Serene: Next up, Tiggi! You’re in Secondary, and I’d like to share your experience with Primary. So here goes!

Q2T: What are your plans for the future? 

Tiggi: I’m about to do a talk in September to educate people about the forest and to help with trash. I’m also going to continue diving, so I can repopulate turtles.

 Serene: Thank you for your time!



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