Does Ms Bernard actually eat children? Read on to find out!

Today, we had a special Interview with Ms. Bernard (otherwise known as Ms. B). We asked Ms. B a couple of questions about her life, so read on to find out more! She is mainly known to be very willing and cheerful when guiding her students in the class, especially with her signature phrase “If you don’t do this, I’m gonna eat you alive!”

Question 1: How did Ms. B become KIS’s ICT teacher?

Well, her friend told her about a job application that needed someone with qualifications in the ICT department and Ms. B’s friend suggested for her to apply. Later on, she applied for the job, here at KIS , and luckily was accepted; now she is one of the teachers responsible for teaching ICT (not forgetting about Ms. Service and Ms Syifa, of course).

Question 2: Do you like chicken?

When it comes to the topic of “do you like chicken” Ms B was hesitant. She stared at the floor for a second, expressed a very disoriented look, and declared “yeah duh, who doesn’t like chicken” along with some guilty laugh. In addition, while Ms B was thinking of the answer to this question, she looked around the classroom and tried her best to avoid eye contact with the interviewer… as if she was hiding some unspecified secret.

Question 3: What are your thoughts on “orang goreng (fried human)”- a special dish some may or may not have tried

Once again, Ms B was hesitant…she looked around the classroom, rolling her eyes till the max and suspiciously said “I’ve never tried it before…”. From her reaction, we knew that she’s definitely hiding something…She laughed again; her facial expression looked like she had tried the dish before but was attempting to not let anyone know about the mystery… “who wants to try fried humans?” she added, looking exceedingly guilty as she rubbed her arms and looked around the empty classroom.  

Question 4: Have you been enjoying your food lately?

As far as we know, Ms B loves food, especially chicken. She replied to the question with a suspicious “yeah” and a nod of her head. Ms B’s reaction was just like how a normal person would react to this question.

Question 5: How are your skills in the kitchen?

Ms B mentioned that she has amazing cooking skills in the kitchen. She also mentioned that she knows how to *fry* things. Similarly, in the previous question, Ms B reacted guiltily on whether she likes to eat *fried* humans. This is suspicious…

Question 6(additional question) : If you were going on a trip to the Sahara Desert, and were only permitted to bring three things with you, what would you bring?

The most obvious answer for anyone would be water, food, and possibly their other daily gadgets. However, Ms B said that what she’d bring depends on how long the trip would be. “If it is in the middle of nowhere, then I will bring a lighter, or a fire so I can warm myself- especially at night- and cook any food that I will be able to get. I will also bring a tent to protect myself from the sun, sand and dust storms. Finally, some water to keep me hydrated.”

Concluding remarks

We will have to conclude that we don’t know if she actually wants to eat us alive- so we’ll leave that a mystery.

Until next time…I hope.

-Miky Kang



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