Written by: Janesse, Fion, Ada and Sabrina

Edited by: Jayden Cheng

Father’s Day is a very unique event where we show appreciation to our dads! Fun fact: Did you know that there are around 1.5 billion fathers in the world? If you would like to show appreciation for your dad in a simple and easy way, you have come to the right place! Cards are pieces of paper that are mostly used to write a message in. Crafts are activities that are mostly making things by hand. 

  1. Blossom Heart 

A very easy heart for your dad. Show your love to your dad, just by making an incredibly simple heart. 

  1. Rose Bouquet

Give a gorgeous rose! The colour of roses symbolises different things. This yellow rose symbolises friendship, joy and new beginnings!

  1. Father’s Day Trophy

A wonderful trophy for your dad! It is super easy to make and will definitely brighten up your father’s day! 

  1. DIY Origami Shirt Card

Make an origami shirt for your father! Remember when you always see your father getting ready for work, wearing a tie and shirt? Well, this is a great idea for you to make a unique type of card for your father!

  1. Hand holding hearts Card

This is another special card where you can include your messages for your father in your craft! The best part about these cards is that they include a pop-up card! How cool is that?!

  1. Father’s Day Heart!

A gift for your father on fathers day. It will bring happiness and joy to your family.

  1. Father’s Day heart pocket

 This is no simple heart! Fill it up with anything you want!  Such as Pictures, nice phrases for your dad and even confetti! 

You will have fun doing these crafts! You should give them a try because they are totally worth it. 



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