Success at the Car Boot Sale: a Primary Student’s Account

By Serene Chia

8am: As my mother dropped me and my helper off ( my mom and brother were sick so they couldn’t come with us ), I looked around and saw so many stalls filled with so many different things! There were stalls inside and outside the Hall. Our stall was inside the Hall, so we started pushing all our stuff there. When we got there, I saw we’d be sharing a stall with Mrs Melissa, Mrs Thecla, and Mrs Tina. We also were sharing a little space with my Aunty Adeline. I started to set up the toys we were selling and then I waited and talked to my mom via our home phone. Then around 8:30am, we started to make sales. We sold a battery-powered unicorn, some cars, and a few other things. 

9am: I was starting to get a bit bored, then I got a message from my mom saying we could spend 10rm on food and drinks, and then she said I could use 20rm to buy what I wanted. After that, my friends started arriving. First Chloe and Alden, then June Ann. More of my friends arrived after that. I bought 3 sausage rolls for me and a chicken pie for our helper. Then, I walked around the Hall and took a video so my mom could see what was happening. Suddenly, I had a HUGE crowd in front of our stall! I persuaded people here and there and I sold a few things, big or small.

10am-11am: Nobody was at our stall, so I decided to take a break and call my mom to show her what was happening so far. We spoke to Ms.Hitchen, and then I saw Madi and Chevonne at the Student Council stall selling donated toys, so I bought a headband with 2 ears on it that could go up and down.

12pm-1pm: Luke arrived from karate, then he helped me a little with the stall. When I had another break, I played with my friends and they bought a few things and helped me clean up the stall, so some of my friends in Year 5 left the car boot sale and went home, while I continued to stay and sell. I also counted the money!

2pm-3pm: We started to pack up along with some of the people that were there, and the last item I sold was chase-me-Casey to Mrs. Florinah. I called my mom to say we were all done, and after that my mom took us home.



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