Year 6 Transition To Year 7 

Written by: Fion and Sabrina

Edited by: Ada Hammer

As it comes to the end of the academic year, the Year 6s are preparing for transitioning to Year 7. Every Thursday, we have to take lessons from Secondary teachers so that we know them in Year 7! Today, we will take you on a tour of our day and the lessons in them.

The first lesson that we usually have for transitioning is Art. We have Art lessons with Ms Yuen. Art with Ms Yuen was extremely fun! We drew our shoes (by taking them off and putting them in front of us) and made ducks out of lego in our first lesson! In the second lesson, we made cut outs inspired by Henri Matisse (who was a french artist that used scissors to create art after he had cancer). During the third session, we drew out our names that represented our personality! We used other objects to replace some letters in our name, such as: ‘S’, we could draw a swan/snake to represent the S and for ‘O’, we could draw a donut/coconut etc. 

We also had  Numeracy lessons, we did this with Mrs Dobbs and Mr Davis. They took turns teaching us. All of the activities were very enjoyable, we did things such as Diffy, Multiplication ways, Magic tricks and others. For us, we enjoyed magic tricks the most because we got to learn some tricks that seemed like magic that we could use on our parents or siblings. We could guess what number you picked as if we were mind reading! For Diffy, we used some numbers, whether big or small and saw how many times we needed to minus it to get to 0. 

Furthermore, we had English lessons with Miss Young. For that lesson, we did some descriptive writing about a chosen magical creature. First, we had to think of different magical creatures and write a description of how we wanted the creature to look like. Then we joined 2 creatures together, like mixing phoenix and unicorn. 



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