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Snakes are reptiles that are found in every continent except Antarctica. There are over 3000 species and around 600 of those are venomous but only around 200 of them are actually able to kill an adult human.Its sad how the majority of the world visualize snakes and other reptiles as demonic,cold blooded and wicked creatures.This article will be supporting my idea and how i will change people’s stereotypical ideas about them.

Why Snakes Are Not As Bad As People Think They Are.

Snakes are seen as violent killers when it is humans that are the ones getting themselves into their way, they do not mean to bite you, they are just trying to survive because a big creature with legs and arms looks like a big predator in a snake’s eyes.

There are 5.4million snake bites that occur annually resulting in 1.8million envenomations per year. These statistics back up the fact that snakes are cold-blooded beasts but the truth is most of these bites and envenomations are due to people stepping on the snake by accident or people trying to capture them.When you encounter a snake treat it with respect and leave it alone so it leaves you alone and when you are in its territory be careful and watch where you are stepping.

What I Like About Snakes?

I like snakes because of how interesting and different they are compared to any other animal, I always have been fascinated by how these creatures scan their surroundings with their tongues to find potential prey and how they move around without a single leg attached to their body. I also like snakes because I love showing them off to people and seeing people change from scared to enjoying their time with the elongated reptile.

The truth is snakes are mostly harmless but you should never handle an unidentified snake that you find because they can be dangerous which is why I tell people “snakes are dangerous but not vicious”.There are a lot more things to love about snakes and other reptiles that people should know before telling their friends and family that these animals are savages even though they are not. It is hard to make people of today like snakes which is why we need to make sure that the younger generations are not being told the lies that have been told for hundreds of years.


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